The Unconformity (2016)

Role: Artistic Directorate member for The Unconformity festival in Queenstown, Tasmania, Co-Director of The Rumble (opening ceremony).

Site Is Set (2014-2016)

Role: Co-Producer in my role as a member of Field Theory.

SAC35 (2012)

Role: Co-Director of the festival



In 2010 I was the Director of Visible City, a project which brought together 11 artists from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia to ‘make visible the city’. Drawing inspiration from Italo Calvino, the Situationists, Socially engaged art and Melbourne itself, we worked for three weeks over the period of the Melbourne Fringe Festival to create over 40 live art works for the streets.

The artists grappled with site, public space, audience and each other in an attempt to ‘make visible the city’.

I was the Director of the project and the conceptual designer in collaboration with Melbourne Fringe.

The legacy document for the project is here – Visible City.