– Video Artist for the development of JOAN by The Rabble at Malthouse Theatre.
– Dramaturg and Video Artist for Nicola Gunn’s Piece for Person and Ghettoblaster at PICA in Perth and World Theatre Festival in Brisbane.

– I Think I Can travels to Belfast for Young At Art Festival 2016
– Dramaturg for Alter by Tamara Saulwick and Peter Knight, presented at Festival of Live Art, Arts House, Melbourne.
– Field Theory wins Green Room award for Curatorial Contribution to Experimental Performance for Site is Set.

– Directing the development of 40 Salamancas at Salamanca Arts Centre with Ian Pidd.
– Dramaturg for Evolve:Revolve by Tasdance
– Development for The Unconformity, Queenstown Tasmania.

– I Think I Can will be presented at On The Edge Festival in Birmingham.

– Directing The Unconformity The Unconformity festival, Queenstown, Tasmania.

– Co-Producing Field Theory’s Site is Set Festival, Melbourne.