Sam Routledge and Martyn Coutts (2013)
Produced by Intimate Spectacle and Terrapin Puppet Theatre Company

Previous Seasons
Federation Square, January 2013 (Test Showing)
Performance Space, Sydney – Art and About Festival, September 2013 (Premiere Season)
International Performing Arts for Youth (IPAY) Showcase, Pittsburgh, January 2014
Perth International Art Festival, Perth, February 2014
Australian Performing Arts Market, Brisbane, February 2014
Great Southern Festival, Albany, February 2014
Festival of Live Art, Arts House, Melbourne, March 2014
Arts Centre, Melbourne, September 2014
Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival, Tasmania, October 2014
Junction Festival, Launceston, September 2014
Casula Powerhouse, Sydney January 7-17th, 2015
Tasmanian International Arts Festival, Hobart and Burnie, March 20-29, 2015
Calgary International Children’s Festival, Canada, May 20-23, 2015
Come Out Children’s Festival, Adelaide, May 26-29, 2015
Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Canada, May 26-31, 2015
Artosphere – Art and Nature festival, Walton Arts Centre, Fayetteville, Arkansas, US, June 16-27, 2015
Young At Art, Belfast, UK, May 3-9, 2016
On The Edge, Birmingham, UK, July 2-9, 2016
Taipei Children’s Arts Festival, Taiwan, July, 2016


Created by Aphids (2011)


Kate Richards and Martyn Coutts (2008)


Sam Routledge and Martyn Coutts (2006)


Field Theory (2014)

For The Stadium Broadcast Jason Maling, Martyn Coutts, Lara Thoma, Jackson Castiglione and Sarah Rodigari committed themselves to becoming live channels for the people of Christchurch New Zealand.

Lancaster Park (AMI/Jade Stadium) had been a space for gathering competition and celebration since 1881 when the Lancaster family gave over part of their farming land for a sports ground to be created. Christchurch’s identity has been formed through the crucible of soaring highs and crushing defeats that have taken place on that field. But now it’s in limbo, you can only stare through the gaps in the fence and wonder about all that once happened there.

Over 18 months Jason and Martyn negotiated access to the ground (which had not been open to the public since the February 2010 earthquake) and offered Cantabrian’s a chance to once again walk on hallowed turf and deliver whatever they needed to, perhaps a eulogy, a haka, a denunciation or even a sultry version of Tina Turner’s Private Dancer. These small gestures were broadcast to the world for 72 hours nonstop as a tribute to everything that has happened.

This project invited Christchurch to pay homage to the ground as it sits in a state of uncertainty between abandonment and demolition. We were interested in finding the narratives that continue to bind people to the place and provide a platform that asked what those stories mean now and how they are going to shape what comes next.





If you had to choose, would you prefer non-fiction or fiction? Happy endings or sad ones? Are you a summer person or a winter person? Do you believe in individuality or community? Gratification or anticipation? Would you rather outlive your partner or be outlived? Which is worse: war or famine? Drowning at sea or indefinite detention?

Working with Ian Pidd, from a set of ideas developed with Sam Routledge, we have created the concept for 20 Questions which is presented by the Wheeler Centre.


Salamanca Arts Centre – 2013
Wheeler Centre Gala Event – 2014
Brisbane Writers Festival – 2014

Presented by the Wheeler Centre
Original Concept – Ian Pidd, Sam Routledge and Martyn Coutts
Developed by Ian Pidd, Martyn Coutts and the Wheeler Centre
Designer – Marg Horwell